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Our Sunday KidsChurch programs for term 4 are having a great time!!!  FROGS (our pre-school group) starts at 10am in the  FROGS room, near the kitchen; while our Oasis group (Years K-5) meets in the church for a 10am start. This term they are looking at the Quizworx’ Home Delivery series – this week (6/12) finishing the 3-week series on ‘Friendship with God’!

You can sign up for the Quizworx material here –

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We will post here the activity sheets, craft ideas and devotional studies for each week – so parents can use them at home with their children, if they can’t make it to church with us!

Our 3-week series on friendship with God ends this week (6/12) with Week 3 – Perfected Friendships. Links are below to the Youtube video for the week; while the second is a downloadable pdf document with talks, activities and questions. Enjoy!

Week 3 – Perfected friendships

Week 3 (6/12) – Perfected friendships – Merged PDF_ Discussion Questions, Activity Sheets, Craft & Game Ideas

Week 2 – restored friendships

Restored friendships – Discussion Questions, Activity Sheets, Craft & Game Ideas – Restored Friendships

Week 1 – broken friendships