Sermon Series

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At the heart of the Bible is a person – Jesus of Nazareth, who claims to be the living God himself made flesh. Arguably, no one else has influenced our world more than Jesus.  Every promise God has made is fulfilled in him.  As the writer of the book of Hebrews says, God has spoken to us and revealed himself in many ways, but his ultimate word to us has come in the form of Jesus, the living word of God.  Our search for meaning and significance will disappoint us until we seek these in a genuine relationship with Jesus.  Our desire for hope for the future and values to live by in the present will remain incomplete until we embrace the hope and purpose Jesus offers.  By his life, death and resurrection, Jesus opens the possibility of reconciliation and peace with God and with each other.  This term we begin a fresh look at Mark’s biography of Jesus – Mark’s Gospel. In this eye witness account we will come to see how Jesus impacts the lives of ordinary people.  Jesus will challenge us to live by different values as we encounter him. 

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