Learning together from God’s word is one of the main ways we grow as disciples of Jesus!

We have a range of Bible study groups at different times, places and the suitability for our adult congregation.

Our Bible study groups seek to care for one another with equal concern, invest in one of our church gatherings and reach out together on mission by sharing the love of Jesus in the wider community.

Being a member of a home group is a tremendous way to grow in the Christian life – groups spend time wrestling with God’s word together, praying together, encouraging one another and being encouraged, and caring for one another.

Some of our groups operate weekly and others fortnightly; some are for women (including KYB – Know Your Bible), some for men and others are mixed groups.

Contact us to join one of our groups

phone office 9456-4498 

or email homegroups@stmarksberowra.org.