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This page features articles and resources to encourage you in your faith. I pray it will be useful and edifying for you!

Monday 20 July

Interesting video on Mission in the 21st Century from CMS –

Friday 17 July

Found this article challenging in my grumbling, and helpful in reminding me of the need for gratitude!

Wednesday 8 July

2 articles from our friend Sue Bartho at ‘Well on the way’ Psychology;

Monday 29 June

You might like this lego-themed gospel story!

Monday 22 June

A great selection of resources here to help you and your children/teens through COVID, with a deeper trust in God –

Monday 15 June

After 3 months of coronavirus, here are some helpful articles from local psychologist Sue Bartho:

Tuesday 19 May

Our friends at Anglicare have produced a range of resources to help during these difficult times.You can find a link to these ‘tip sheets’ at the bottom of this page –

The Tip Sheets cover the following:

Topic Summary Created to help…   …during COVID-19      Individual YouTube Links
      In times of natural disaster such as this coronavirus pandemic, rates of domestic violence are known to increase, with women and children being most significantly at risk. This video and the two separate tip sheets provide practical ideas to help understand and respond to domestic violence – from how best to safely check in on a loved one, to making a plan to stay safe, as well as links to other helpful resources and contacts.   5:08 min … church leaders supporting people experiencing domestic abuse and violence…   … anyone seeking to support people experiencing domestic violence… Note: 1 video, but 2 separate Tip Sheets. Coronavirus and Domestic Abuse and Violence      
    If you’ve been feeling anxious or overwhelmed by emotion in this season of change brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, be assured that you are experiencing a very normal reaction. This video and tip sheet provide practical ideas to help you manage your anxiety doing this coronavirus pandemic – from building a new routine, to learning to work out your agitation. The tip sheet also includes links to other helpful resources and contacts.     5:43 min …people manage their anxiety… Coronavirus and Your Anxiety
        As a parent, in this season of restrictions and isolation, you’re likely wondering how this strange, new reality might be affecting your child. Whilst there’s much you can’t influence, you can influence what is within your ‘Circle of Control.’ This video and tip sheet provide practical steps you can take to help your child understand and manage his or her anxiety, and includes links to other helpful resources and contacts.    3:41 min …parents and carers manage a child’s anxiety… Coronavirus and Your Child’s Anxiety
    This time of isolation and social distancing can be especially hard on adults who live alone or as the only adult at home with children.  Whilst some people’s personalities cope well with this, others may be struggling with loneliness. This video and tip sheet provide practical steps for sole adult households and for others who want to support these people and includes links to other helpful resources and contacts.     4:25 min …people who live alone, or who are the only adult in a household, and … people who are supporting these sole adults… Coronavirus and Living Alone
  As the regrowth on the trees brings a sense of what can be reborn, people in bushfire affected areas are also dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and having to separate from the communities that were helping bring support and healing. Living thru these times can be taxing and cause anxiety for the future. This video and tip sheet provide practical steps like adjusting expectations, recharging and being kind to yourself. They also include links to other helpful resources and contacts.  4:33min …people in bushfire-affected communities, and …those supporting these communities… Coronavirus and Bushfire Recovery
    When faced with significant financial challenges, people can feel overwhelmed, but there are steps to take to manage your financial situation.   This video and tip sheet provide practical steps to reduce costs, maximise discounts, create a budget and access services, including links to helpful resources and contacts.      3:31min …people seeking financial assistance… Coronavirus and Living on a Low Income
  Some people may be facing loss of employment and experiencing financial hardship, resulting in applying for government services for the first time. These resources walk you through the Centrelink claim process, provide tips for managing debt and dealing with creditors and point you toward other services, concessions and discounts.  3:17min …people seeking financial assistance or … people applying for government assistance for the first time… Coronavirus and Financial Hardship
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