We offer a range of ‘occasional’ services including:

Baptisms: these normally take place during our 10am Sunday service (or during our 6pm service for teens and young adults). Baptism is an important celebration – as we remember Jesus’ call to his disciples to baptise new disciples. Baptism is for those who are, or are children of, Christians. For more information contact our Senior Minister.

Thanksgivings: for those who do not yet feel ready to make the promises involved in baptism; but still want to thank God for their child, commit their child to God, have their child prayed for and formally named – we offer a Thanksgiving service. As with baptisms , this normally takes place during our Sunday 10am service. For more information contact our Senior Minister.

Confirmation: for those in Year 10 at High School or older, who were baptised as infants, and now want to confirm the promises made for them as they publicly commit their lives to Jesus Christ, we offer a Confirmation service. Confirmation classes take place in the weeks leading up to the Confirmation service. The Confirmation then takes place once a year, at our 6pm service – as our Regional Bishop (representing the wider Anglican Church) comes to confirm the candidates. For more information contact our Youth Minister.

Weddings: are one of God’s good gifts to humanity, and are a time of great joy and celebration, with thanksgiving to God, as two people publicly commit their lives to each other. We are delighted to offer wedding services – including the service on the day, and preparation beforehand using the PREPARE/ENRICH pre-marriage material. For more information contact our Senior Minister.

Funerals: are an important time to remember a loved one, with dignity and respect, yet maintaining a focus on the God who loved and gave our loved one life, rules over the world to come, and offers eternal life to all who come to him through Jesus. We are privileged to be able to help at this time of great sadness. We can offer the church for a service, a minister (who will preside at the church and at a crematorium or burial if required), and space for refreshments afterwards. For more information contact our Senior Minster.