Sharing Christ to Berowra

Safe Ministry

We are committed to making St Mark’s a safe place for children, young people and other vulnerable people.

We are committed to the Diocesan standards, and government requirements, for conducting safe ministry.

In order to appropriately show Christ’s love to all vulnerable people our Diocese requires us to have completed their Safe Ministry training.

Accordingly – if you are, or are wanting to be, involved in any of our children or youth ministries (including creche, Sunday morning children’s ministries, KidsGames, FAB, GFS, SMBG, Kids Club, SRE, child-minding, Club Reg, E3, music ministry, Parish Council, Wardens, etc) you MUST have done the relevant Safe Ministry training. This applies equally to both adults (16 or over) and youth (under 16) who want to be involved in such ministries.

Courses are now available online through the Professional Standards Unit of the Diocese –

A Refresher course must be completed every 3 years, once you have done the Full Course.  The Full course is for those 16 years and over.  The Junior course is for those under 16 years.

If you are new to our church, and you have completed the safe ministry course elsewhere, we need to see your certificate if you want to be involved in any of our ministries.

In Addition to our Safe Ministry training, there are government requirements as well. You will need to get a Working With Children Check if you are:

– involved in ministry to children or young people;

– a Bible Study leader

– a service leader / preacher

– a Warden

– on Parish Council.

You may consider whether you are likely to need to obtain a WWCC number.

It is quite an easy process – visit this website, complete the online form, print and take to the RMS.  You will be emailed a WWCC number which you will need to forward to the church office, along with your full name and date of birth. There is no cost for these Checks for those who are volunteers in the church. Your WWCC number is also then transferrable if you engage in children or youth activities elsewhere .

Finally you will also need (as from 2020) to complete the Safe Ministry Check – again, which can be done online.

If you have any enquiries at all regarding Safe Ministry, please contact Ian Millican our Senior Minister- 9456 4498.