We know that visiting a place for the first time can be a bit intimidating, so we thought it might be helpful to introduce our church building and Sunday services to you so you can know what to expect. Anyone and everyone can come along. We welcome everyone to our services whether you are sceptical or curious about faith, or whether you are a new Christian, a Christian new to the area or a long term follower of Jesus looking for a new church. All are welcome here at St Marks.

Please make sure you get one of our WELCOME packs – so you can find out more about St Mark’s. Pick one up on a Sunday or get in touch with us and we’ll send one out to you!

Check out a service

We aim to keep our services to around 70 minutes, but sometimes we are having so much fun they do go for a few minutes extra! We would also encourage anyone coming to plan on hanging around for an extra bit after the service to get the chance to meet some of us.

“I’m just exploring Christianity”

Welcome! You might like to join our short Christianity Explored courses or just come along on a Sunday and ask any questions you want.

If you don’t yet know the love of Jesus for you, or have never really investigated him and his claims.

We look at three big questions:
-Who is Jesus?
-What did he achieve?
-What does it mean for us today?